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How to create quality PR text

We are just wondering about this issue, how much words and links can it have without penalty by google

We have a subject contains something what we need to discuss. So we have a BLOG and now we need to put material into page to create a PR text. Subject is well known, about bathrooms and let we start.
First thing is good title, about five words long and subtitle about 20 words in total to display. Title needs to be in relation with text subtitle and keyword which we are pushing onto google search page.
Then comes the body of text with all of construction of backlinks and internal links and quotas and strong points of text and everything needs to be in association with title and subtitle. So we can not write about something which is not in parent title, it is very bad thing to do.
Make about 500 words to count for good text and put some of images also into body of text. Do not forget to set the title for images and alt tags also.
Do not steal any of material which you placing into page because JS can read pixel by pixel and it can be very not cool for search engines.
So whatever you do do not take nothing what is not created by yourself or be out side your source files. Now let begin.
The subject is bathroom and some of images of new stuff for it. So we gonna place an one link which is going outside from website to set straight to badrumsrenovering and to display they content. Link is going to be follow as a backlink like gift to our friends. And we will type in some of cool facts about Sweden. It is cold, gray and boring. And that is about it. This PR text is very bad right now but it is unique and ours.



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