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Programmer as Shadow warrior

If you are thinking of one piece of code more then you want to type it down or test it, you are an programer

We don`t need a screen, we don`t need a keyboard, we got an idea and we are running that code thru our mind. It save Us a lot of time but the brain is ready to collapse then. WHY we don`t want to type it down? Because it is useless piece of code which no one will never use but we are thinking a lot of that subject.
Don`t ask for explanation, don`t ask for source of this manifests, just grab it by the core and let it flow thru your brain cells.
It is not a excl cell, or cluster of HD or RAM it is who we are. As soon you except that you will be much better. Brain wracking thought, it still hurts when we are trying to think of that code. And after couple of days it is gone for good. We are not worried about that, we are free from that, and again we have our brain but not for long. Another code is coming soon, and that is the way of PROGRAMMER THE BIGGEST SHADOW WARRIOR.



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