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What is Hosting?

Hosting or housing for your website is primary issue for all of the things what you wanna do on the web

Ask your self - What kind of house You wanna live in? Is it nice, with lot of space, lot of rooms, clean and good looking inside and from outside? That is the same thing with Hosting for you website, and the criterion is totally same.
So if you have small needs and small amount of data in your website, then you should consider a very basic Hosting with small price on his tail. And when your needs rising then the need for greater Hosting is rising also. Nobody can count all the hosting companies on this world but it is over 100.000 of them minimum. But they are not the same an you need to choose carefully. There is a lot of SPAM infected IP address, email SPAM and scam servers and it is mad house out there.
You need to be sure when you selecting a Hosting company things such as:
1. Respond speed of server
2. IP is clean and not blocked
3. Is there support and respond of IT dudes there
4. Is the disk space limited, bandwidth, email accounts, mysql DB and what is conditions for upgrade later
5. What version is PHP
6. On what OS is server
7. Can You manage root files thru Secure Shell
And much more can be added in list but it is not necessary at this time. And maybe you just looking for Hosting now. So How You can trust companies and let them run your website smoothly. The answer is simple: - You can not trust no one, all of Us are like 24/7 uptime, but it is never the case. But You need to trust somebody eventually.



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