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When SEO strike back

What is wrong with my website, how cruel is this search engine and without warning giving penalties

What is the goal when you working on SEO ranking for search engines? Only one, getting your website in top positions. For that we need a strong website pages, today is called domain authority. Often scenario is: I did everything right and where I am, on first page of SE. Cool. Now I can focus on something else but I will check up again tomorrow. And tomorrow bring no joy to your work because SE dissolve your work and set your pages at the frontier of collapsing and falling down from the cliff.

You trying to figure this out, but you can not, but the fact is you did something wrong because SE is always right and he have no working brain but he is powerful in his point of view. Hi is the master of internet and you can not fool his software. It is piece of code. And then magic is started in your brain. You becoming worried and nervous and at the end you start to panic. Ask your self WHY? Is it because piece of code, or you will lose money, or start a fire on your keyboard and never do SEO again. Basically the answer is YES. Just walk away and never look back because YOU can not win this battle against the machine. She have no smile and no crys. She is selfish project and every SHE needs money to survive.

Find an alternative for that, print some flayers and bussines cards and distribute them along your neighbors and friends. Who need SE or SEO, it is just an piece of BAD typing and bugs without empathy. Just pay them when you need to earn extra cash and that is it.



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