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It is really easy and optimized for all devices and screen resolutions.

Also optimized for various search engines. This framework works with themes like some of great frameworks alike. The different is in files because our complete framework is 400kb large and it have and installation files where you need to input text into fields, like db name, user, password and host and you are ready to work. It is dynamic web template created to be all in one: web shop, blog site or booking software or plain web site. It is to you to choose one from list. So the core is free, but we are charging for the themes. The default theme is blog alike theme and you can do so much thru it. But for web shop and more you need to pay accordingly to the theme you wanna. They are listed in theme sector, and the core and install help files are in download section. For help files about admin pages and content manager, we have help section. And best part is: we have tutorials how to create NEW theme, and if you can do that, you can get cool advanced web site for free for all.
MwSoft frame work have an theme selection in admin page, and with one click you can change theme easily. All of content is active, you changing design only and you can play with that in our live section which is best way for you to learn about our awesome software. SO be free to try...



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