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Easy to add page and easy to modify

Title and alias and description is for SEO and also for display in topic lists. The thing which is interesting here is the drop down menu where you selecting what type of page will be the object.

2. In firs lines is list of categories and below is list of belts: White, Dark, Full width, First column in foot and the last column in foot. What is this? It is control of type where and how this page will be displayed. It is pretty much what link says. SO just try it on.

This is upload control and text editor.
1. Upload button (you can select multiple images)
2. Refresh button if browser do not support auto refresh
3. Image control: 100% means that image going to be wide in DIV, 50% lert or right is just that. And there is slider checkbox which will control is this image going into slider in page or not.
4. Is text editor with buttons and preview also where you can see your work before you send it into live page. The page will not be visible until you hit the SAVE button.



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