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Logotype, theme selection and file explorer

Select and upload, click to change and explore or edit whatever you need

This is very cool feature which allows you to control your logotype, theme and explore all files from your theme. So lets start to get into this commands.

1. Choose logotype for header
2. Choose logotype for footer
3. Click and select theme for website
4. Explore your files from the theme
5. Edit CSS of the theme (strongly recommended for developers only)

Uploading logotype

When you uploading logotype have in mind one thing - U can upload anything but please upload image with transparent background. It is not a rule just friendly advice.

1. Name of image
2. Button for save changes
3. Upload button with selection and preview
4. Finish upload
5. Click on logotype to fill in the field with image name

After step 5, save your selection by clicking on SAVE button.



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