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Menu control

Up to five levels, icons to display in menu, position edit and other settings for menu control

This is a feature which is a little bit tricky and little bit harder to explain. But it is easy to control after you see how to do that. In live session is totally different then in this text say sommething mode. So let`s begin!

1. Menu level selection

This dropdown allow to select levels of menu from 1 to 5. If is one it will be menu without submenus. If 2, menu will have one submenu, and on and on up to five levels.

2. Select what to edit

Click on level number to add or edit or delete listed topics. If you are on first the you will edit only links from first level of menu, and althrue to level 5.

3 and 4. Edit and add button

Click on edit button to trigger popup window.
1. Title of page, alias, description, SEO title
2. Select what kind of object is link - With submenu, HTML (static page), Post (group list of topics), Blogger Post (like blog listing) and Timeline (like facebook listing)
3. Save button after upload image if you wanna

5. Delete

And finally delete button. But be careful if you deleting level one because you will delete all levels linked to that link. Ok? It is better for you to try this in live session



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